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About us

My radio-hobby started in 1974. I mainly listened to pirate radio stations on FM and MW. I bought my first shortwave radio in 1976. It was a tuner without SSB so I could only listen to broadcast stations.

I soon found stations like Radio Indonesia, HCJB, Radio South Africa, VoA and of course Radio Nederland. But I wanted more. I lived between the docks and was very interested in shipping. So I wanted to listen to coast stations and ships on MW and HF. Therefore I bought a shortwave radio with SSB in 1980 and one of the first stations that I heard was a German numbers station. I found more mysterious sounding stations and I am hooked ever since.

When I discovered that these mysterious sounding stations are known as utility stations, I wanted to know more about them. A new area was found to be explored and many more followed. Eventually this led to the start of this website.

Between January 1995 and March 2006 I was involved in the Worldwide Utility News club that ceased operations in March 2006. Many people were disappointed when WUN stopped and I decided to continue my activities, using a slightly different concept. The newsletter was no longer issued except for the Numbers & Oddities column, which was already issued as a separate newsletter.

I started the Utility Dxers Forum on 28 March 2006 with this website as knowledge base for utility dxers and a mailing list for the exchange of logs and news.

Information about numbers stations can be found on our Numbers & Oddities website: www.numbersoddities.nl