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You are strongly encouraged that you understand your own country's laws as to what is permitted to be posted in dealing with utility communications.


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About UDXF

I started the Utility Dxers Forum on 28 March 2006 with this website as knowledge base for utility dxers and a mailing list for the exchange of logs and news. The newsletter is no longer issued except for the Numbers & Oddities column, which was already issued as a separate newsletter.

UDXF is the Utility DXers Forum. The forum is centered around the exchange of news and information relating to "utility" radio stations and signals, below 30 MHz.

What kind of stations are covered?  Actually everything in the range of 0-30 MHz with the exception of Broacasting Stations, Pirate Stations, and Amateur Radio (with the exception of utility related activities).

If you are listening to the stations mentioned below, then UDXF is the place to be.