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DX Cluster

Utility related ham events + JOTA

Maritime Radio day


14 April 2019, 1200 UTC - 15 April 2019, 2200 UTC

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day Crossband Communication Test: 11 May 2019


Armed Forces Day: 29 June 2019


Museum Ships Weekend


1 June 2019, 0000 UTC - 2 June 2019, 2359 UTC

Night of Nights


12 July every year. Begins at 0300pm Pacific time on 12 July.  The first transmission will be at 0501pm Pacific time (0000 UTC 13 July).

Intl. Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend


17 August 2019, 0000 UTC - 18 August 2019, 2400 UTC

15 August 2020, 0000 UTC - 16 August 2020, 2400 UTC

International Air Ambulance Week


7-15 September 2019

Jamboree On The Air


18-20 October 2019

16-18 October 2020

The propagation prediction above comes from N0NBH’s excellent website

HF Conditions

Digital Broadcasts on HF

Besides the well known AM broadcasts transmitted by local and international Broadcasting Companies, there are also transmissions in digital modes on MW and HF.

Many Short Wave Listeners are familiar with DRM, Digital Radio Mondiale, which never was very successfull. Only a handful of stations still transmit in DRM.  DRM schedules

Shortwave Radiogram and The Mighty KBC are using HAM modes. Every now and then other stations try it for a while, like “This is a Music Show”. Most of the show is a music show, but

they send some MFSK text and an image near the end of the broadcast.

www.instagram.com/thisisamusicshow   www.twitter.com/ThisIsAMusicSho/

The former VoA Radiogram is now transmitted under the name Shortwave Radiogram in various digital modes like MFSK, PSK,

Olivia, etc. More info and schedules can be found on their

website: Shortwave Radiogram

The Mighty KBC carry some digital transmissions.

The modes being used are MFSK32, PSK and Thor.

Mighty KBC website

Mighty KBC on Facebook


Software to decode DRM transmissions: Dream

Software to decode the above mentioned HAM modes:

Fldigi , Multipsk, HAM radio deluxe

Fldigi for Android: TIVAR

Further info

How to copy the Shortwave Radiogram digital broadcasts using a PC or laptop


How to copy the Shortwave Radiogram tests using an Android device (tablet, smartphone)