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Japan Radio Company NRD-535

Japan Radio Company NRD-545

Kinetic SBS-1 virtual radar

Yaesu FRG 9600

Logitec Squeezebox

Panasonic DR22

Sangean ATS909

My receivers, antennas and decoders. The old and current ones

Nimbus 137 weather satellite


Plessey PR2250

Yaesu FRG7700, FRT7700, FRA7700

Sony ST-313L

Microlog SWL/Airdisk decoder

Pocom AFR-2000 decoder

Wavecom 4010 decoder



4-level FSK interface

Hitachi KH-WS1

AOR 8200

Uniden Bearcat BC15X

          ALA 1530                                    Miniwhip

                    Doppelquad                                  Skyscan V1300

L400B LF antenna                          


RF Systems SP-1                            RF Systems SP-3


RF Systems WSP137

  RTL DVB-T DAB 820T2 SDR   

Perseus SDR

Tescun AN200

Televes 6592


Yaesu FRT-7700 antennatuner

HOKA Code 3 decoder


Deluxe Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer

Discriminator USB interface Yaesu FRA-7700 active antenna

Cosmel multiband receiver

RTL SDR Technics RP-F500 MFJ-1701 antenna selector

Samlex V3 antenna switch

ELAD FDM-S2 Denver DAB42

Philips B5X43A

My very first one: a Philips L1G30T transistor radio

Picture: Barber, C.P., Science Museum

Sony CFS W304 radio-cassette